3 Key Steps to Success.


Do you want to be successful? Of course! Who doesn’t? The difference between ordinary people and successful people is the mindset, being consistent, and staying focused.

#1 Mindset

Your mindset is the first key to becoming successful. I’m going to tell you this right now because not only have I experienced it and seen it in others, but I don’t believe it’s mentioned enough…

You cannot be successful without the mindset to want to be. In order to even follow the rest of the steps, mindset is key to success first and foremost. If things were handed to you, you may not appreciate things as much as if they weren’t. By having a certain mindset in general, it will determine where you end up. Your mind is a beautiful thing because it allows you to have the will to do what you want and have to do. Your mind is the only thing that either keeps you going or stops you from anything. It can either make you or destroy you, just depends on YOU.

I have been depressed and still am from time to time. It was because of a relationship… I dragged myself on for too long trying to change someone. I should have known you can’t change someone because they are the only ones in control of themselves in the end. It’s on them to change if they want to. You can try all your life to do so, but depending on their mindset, they are still in the end, the ones choosing to change one way or another. So, I became depressed and I knew I was going crazy before the relationship ended. I knew I was becoming someone I never thought I would be let alone want to be. This beautiful awareness was the first step to helping myself. I loved this little voice in the back of my mind that still allowed me to think clearly. When I did get the help I wanted, I was able to move on slowly but surely and I knew it. Depression is a slow killer. But you can either allow it to suffocate you or you can take control and allow yourself the want to get out of it.

I am thankful to say I am not the type of person to be negative in nature, and the only reason I might be out of reflex is because I am aware things still bother me. The fact that I am aware, allows me to change faster. I want to change because I’ve never liked being negative. I mean truly, what do you get out of it?

#2 Consistency

Consistency is the second key for success. If you have a niche or a focus already, it can be easier to stay consistent. But if you’re like me, and you have the mindset down… just not sure what to focus on, then being consistent in general is the only thing you worry about. By staying consistent with your mindset, you end up going toward your goals slowly.

For people like me, it can be hard to stay consistent. Especially the millennial age in general. We are so used to being bombarded with instant gratification that our patience runs out faster than it would for the Baby boomers who aren’t used to the instant gratification.

I used to have the hardest time being consistent and productive online because it’s very easy to get distracted. But once I allowed myself to get distracted out of habit and go toward the fun and easy things instead of being productive, I would get anxiety. I would get it because I knew what I should be doing, but didn’t end up doing it. I knew I had an issue with working online because I’m not used to it, I’m used to going online for entertainment. Once I got anxiety and overwhelmed, I would get depressed. Now I’ve talked about how I got my depression, but depression is an interesting thing. It doesn’t relate to something specific… it is a general feeling. When I got online to be productive, I would end up depressed because that was as low as I allowed my mind to take me. So, I would end up in bed all day not wanting to even get online anymore let alone get out of bed. I was so used to the steps of the process within my head, that at first, I was afraid of how long this cycle would last, I didn’t see an end. I mean, if you’ve been depressed, you know it’s so hard to get out of that mindset, you allow yourself to allow it to take over your mind. But, just like the voice in my head that said I knew I was becoming someone else earlier as mentioned, I knew this would be a phase. That was the beginning of my consistency phase. That was all I needed to get out of my phunk. I used to think maybe by going out meeting new people, it could help me out of the negative mindset, but that’s just temporary distractions. You are the only thing that can change your mind. So you can’t depend on others to get you out. I have seen this with a certain friend of mine, him depending on me to better himself. That’s when I had to stop sticking around. So, slowly, but surely, I ended up being more and more consistent with being productive online in general. I started doing YouTube videos for my channel (random yes, but better than nothing) then started working on a blog (again, same thing). By doing something, I allowed myself the habit of being consistent even if things were random as far as a niche. This allowed me to have a focus and organized more so with what platforms I now work with and integrate together, YouTube, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, even Twitter.

#3 Focus

Focus your mind on becoming successful. After the first and second key steps of success, the third one will come more naturally. It will become a good habit and a great reward. Focusing allows you to be aware of what’s important to you.

I’m curious, you’ve had those moments of feeling great about being busy but not just busy… being productive. Those moments when you don’t want to hang out with people just to hang out with them because it may feel unproductive? Good. Do that more often, because that helps with being consistent. If you feel like you are doing something to better yourself, there’s no downside to that. Be selfish because you are the one who can change your life, not anyone else. You are the one who’s in FULL control of your life. Just use everything you’re made of to get where YOU want to get. Don’t hang out with people just because they want your company, make sure you are doing it because you won’t regret it.

I love those moments when I’m being productive 12 hours within a day for 3 days in a row. That just means I have so much more to work with for my blog, or gaining so much knowledge at an event, or even networking with like minded people. Focusing involves your environment and the things that can distract you. Right now, I’m comfortable at my place, but this damn dog upstairs can distract me by barking all day… but I don’t always allow it to get me out of focus (just depends how loud he is). Make sure when you do focus, you don’t let the outside affect your consistency. Your mind is set on being consistent and focused, so stay on it. You will feel so much better at the end of the day.

If you are interested in how I am able to have the mindset  I now have, stay consistent online, and stay focused even with these outside distractions as I type… this eBook is for you.

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I hope these three key steps to success have given you an idea of how you can do the same. Do NOT give up on yourself. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for, just find it, and hold onto it!

Have a beautiful day!

Eva Rickert

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