Affiliate Summit¬†convention second day was more fun than the first day! Here’s why…

  • space provided for booths
  • Russell Brunson
  • free money!

On the first day, the Meet Market was a glimpse of all the companies out there for affiliates or business owners. It was cramped, fast-paced, and not as much one on one with the companies.

The second day at the Affiliate Summit was the Exhibit hall where we saw legit companies in their own spaces share what they were about. This was more about talking more intimately with the companies without feeling cramped and rushed in the space provided. Affiliate Summit was fun because you got a different feel for different companies. I enjoyed seeing how they displayed their layouts of the companies.

the meet market day 2
One of my highlights was seeing Russel Brunson on stage after seeing him everywhere on Facebook before. Russell is the creator of Clickfunnels. I loved how he was the same person as I remembered on the videos he promotes through advertising. Meeting him in person at the Affiliate Summit was just as exciting!

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Aside from the meetings with speakers, we also had fun! We each got a chance at the money wind machine where there were one and two dollar bills. Free money! Heck yeah! Check out the video done by John Chow with some of us grabbing money!

I got $17 which isn’t too shabby for first time. Apparently, I could have had more if I started grabbing money once the door was closed. Also, the key is to grab more money is when the wind stops and the money falls from the top. The third key is to grab money on the top where it gets stuck. Oscar got $25.¬†John Chow got $38 but he knows the secret to it since he’s done it before. Have you been in the money wind machine? How much were you able to collect?

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to check out my other posts! A post coming soon about what give away the Affiliate Summit gives at the Meet Market where you get to see all the company booths!

Talk soon!

Eva Rickert


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