It’s important to stay true to yourself in every way. Be honest with yourself and always think about what you want to do and know what you need.

People have told me to do this or that and for the longest time, my only reaction would be to get upset. I got upset because they always told me to do something based on my looks. It got really tiring. I still get suggestions as far as what people see me doing. Yes, it can help when people give their opinions but when they give it all the time without you asking for it, it drains you. Truth is, people will always give out their opinions becuase they see where your strengths are. But maybe you don’t want to those things just yet. I got told I should do modeling, then do real estate, then acting, always one thing to another.

Here’s the tricky part, having the combo is a must. But balancing the two can take time. By taking in opinions and realizing what you actually want or need can help direct you in the right path. Having an open mind is important and trying new things can help direct you just as long as you do not fall victim into only doing things people tell you to do.

I have wanted to move to Los Angeles area for years, but every year I wanted to, it still did not feel like the right time, more like I was not ready to make that big move on my own. I never force anything if I am not comfortable with the process. I am finally in the area of L.A. after a few years of realizing I still wanted it. I am super excited for the opportunities out here and have lots to do! I have enjoyed my short time already because I’ve connected with friends and new prospects. All my other experiences with modeling and networking in general have gotten me to this point in my life all because I listened to peoples opinions but did not always let them affect me. Even when I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I let things happen as I felt comfortable to do and if I did not feel comfortable I would stop, take a break for myself, then want to do something again. I always try something new just because I learn best that way, I have to keep doing one thing or another in order to learn and grow from my experiences.

As previously mentioned, turns out I did do modeling for a hobby just because I was aware that I would still get that suggestion for years to come. I’m looking to do modeling more seriously in LA, though. I am also now planning on trying out real estate but that want to do so didn’t come around for years. And maybe, if it works the way I want, I will do acting. Remember, I’m not doing these things just to because people tell me to do them. Their suggestions have helped my process because in the end, they see what I don’t in myself. They see potential but I feel it in the way they do not. Ultimately you are the only thing that truly knows what is best for you.

Over the years of growing older, I am happy to learn so much just by experiencing and trying new things. I can teach people best through my own experiences.

You have to listen to the people who have a negative opinion as well as those who have positive opinion. Just to make sure that you are blending all these opinions in your mind before a decision is made.

Carlos Ghosn