Have you used Movie Maker for Windows before?

I’ve learned multiple things in Movie Maker for Windows when editing videos. Here’s one of the few things…

I really wanted to learn how to add a photo with original audio over it with one video in Movie Maker. I was looking at videos on YouTube and I don’t know why exactly, but none of the videos clicked for me. I took the whole day trying to figure this out, seeing this one video over and over.. and it just was frustrating me. I took a break until the next day. I came back to it only to try it once again, and ended up doing it right the first time. Sometimes, all you need is some space when you get too serious. So after realizing how easy it was without watching videos, I decided to make a video of my own to show how I add a photo into the video. Check it out!

If you have anything new you’ve figured about with Movie Maker, please feel free to share. What have you done with it and do you like it?

Movie Maker is the only thing I’ve found on Windows for editing that’s free and so far, it’s working.

Have a beautiful day!

Eva Rickert

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