Photoshoot post and why?

Yes… it’s about time! I will start doing posts about my photoshoots as a model:

  • are you interested in starting modeling?
  • do you wonder what models go through?
  • what happens in a shoot?
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I had a photoshoot set up with photographer Todd Davalos. His Instagram name is t20s if you’re interested in checking him out!

todd davalos photoshoot

We have been facebook friends for awhile now and finally got together to do a photoshoot! He is such a sweet guy and very professional. His work is beautiful and  he really gets things done. I will definitely work with him again! The photoshoot was at a place called Truevision Entertainment at 1421 North Main Street Los Angeles, Ca 90012.

truevision entertainment photoshoot

I was told there might not be a hair stylist so I did my hair but thankfully there was a makeup and hair artist that was available! Her name is Sioux Sinclair and her IG is Siouxsinclair! She is a professional makeup artist, does beauty and special effects for film, tv, and music videos. She also does photography in Los Angeles.

I love both her makeup and hair she did on me, hair was beautiful (much better than mine) and the makeup so natural looking! It was actually the first time I’ve ever seen the Monda Studio individual eyelashes! After the photoshoot, I actually forgot the lashes were there! They were so light!

Another huge thing I noticed with Sioux and respected was the fact that she was the only artist I have had that stayed throughout the whole shoot! I was very happy to have her around and truly appreciated it. Here’s a slideshow  with her being active on the set.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is one of the set ups for lighting where the pictures had a different look to them, as seen in the slideshow.


One of the things that surprised me was an outfit I put together. I didn’t expect it to be so sexy but a couple of them turned out sexier than I planned! This makes for more comfortable and natural shoot just because it was unplanned. Here are a couple examples of the un-edited shots.

todd davalos photoshoot

Also, I was really impressed with the lighting and shoot set up done by Todd. It was another surprise for me because this lighting wasn’t set in stone but more of an experiment. I like the effect and something to experiment with more in the future!


todd davalos lighting photoshoot

We also had an idea for a wet shoot which we will end up doing later, but it turned out to be a lot dryer than we planned which is fine because I like the background effect the mist gives, anyway.


todd davalos mist photoshoot

I hope you enjoyed this post and honestly, it’s a great one for me as well! It’s one thing to do photoshoot, but it’s another to take the time to write about the experience, more memorable that way 🙂 Thanks to Todd and Sioux for being a part of my experience!

I will be sure to do more of these posts so please stay tuned and subscribe to get future posts! Do not forget the edited photos will be uploaded onto the Modeling section of the blog 🙂

Have a beautiful day!

Eva Rickert


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