The Super Charge Summit in Los Angeles was a blast!

Turns out not only did I learn more information I can use for my business, but I ended up working as well! I was happy to be a part of the event, to help out was a great gateway for me to get ahead.

I helped two coaches (Chris Rowell and Russell Whitney) with their testimonials from the attendees at the event. Two great speakers on stage and great people in general.

As I paid off level Platinum, I was awarded a certificate for great positioning. This allows me the opportunity to be able to get a reimbursement for Platinum if I make 5 Platinum sales within 12 months, which doesn’t sound hard at all!

If you were VIP, this is what kind of food you can look forward to…

super charge summit super charge summit super charge summit

Here are some of the MOBE staff from the Super Charge Event.

Here are some of Mobe Speakers that I got the pleasure of getting crucial information from.

Russell Whitney
Steven Bransfield
Chris Rowell
My good friend John Chow
Jill Veverka

So turns out I was able to earn money at this even because I won a video contest!

Much thanks to my friend John Chow for helping! Check it out!

This contest earned me $500! I will reinvest it back into my business!

After winning this, I was able to speak very briefly on stage to get a feel how it is to be a speaker, I think I’m a natural, though 😉 hahaha… check out this clip!

My friend Kashmeer Savani visited from London to come to this event!

Check out some of our videos about the event!


Also! Here’s the bloopers!


I hope you got an idea of how the Super Charge Summit can be. If you’re interested in any future events, leave a comment and I can share what’s coming up. There is one in Orlando in March!

Super Charge Summit (US-Orlando) March 17th – 19th, 2017 General Ticket Order Page

If you’re interested in getting VIP so you can eat great food, get it here!

Please leave any comments as I would love any feedback 🙂

Have a beautiful day!

Eva Rickert