My first time going to Topgolf Las Vegas was awesome!

Topgolf is a driving range that’s 4 stories and pretty similar throughout the levels. On the top floor though, there is a pool overlooking the range.

I met up with my fellow affiliates and we went to a private room where EIG hosted the event. We got to play golf while eating and drinking for free with an open tab! We had really good food.

open bar

photo of a seafood dish

(Photographer John Chow)

The vibe was really nice because of the host and people who attended. It was really fun to be able to play and socialize, I have always liked that aspect of places like bowling alleys.

I played few times, and missed a lot, but also got couple hits in even if they weren’t great. I used to play better when it was a tournament with a partner one time for a charity, I had good streak in the beginning and then he took over once I was starting to suck. Otherwise, I’ve never really cared for golfing. I don’t even know what driver I should use. Eye on the ball was hard to get used to because of the way I had to position myself according to do an accurate hit. But after hitting and watching people, it was slowly coming to me again as far as what I did wrong.

Here’s a video from my friend John Chow where he videotaped the experienced at Topgolf.

It was an enjoyable experience and I do recommend it as I would go again. It can be expensive as I hear the prices for the range can get upto $200 but with a crowd, I believe it’s worth it.

Have you been there before? Share with me how your experience was! If you’re interested in checking out more, please read my future posts as well as checking out my other posts!

Viva Las Vegas!

Eva Rickert